User's Guide

Commitments of Traders Public Reporting Environment

The Public Reporting Environment (PRE) allows you to query and download Commitments of Traders (COT) data for the reporting dates and contract markets that you specify. Filters are available to select contract data for groups, subgroups or individual contract markets. You can download data using the drop-down menus to select the parameters for your query from the Public Reporting Environment data grid, or using an Applications Program Interface (API). Data reports can be downloaded to available formats -- CSV, RDF, RSS, TSV, or XML.
The traditional COT format published to and the Public Reporting Environment draw from the same source data, so there are not discrepancies between data extracted from the traditional report versus the Public Reporting Environment.
CFTC will continue publishing the COT weekly reports in the traditional format on the CFTC website at If you need or would like to access the COT report in its traditional format, there is no need to enter the Public Reporting Environment. COT reports are published weekly on Fridays with data as of the prior Tuesday’s close.
Selecting COT Reports from the Public Reporting Environment
When you enter the Public Reporting Environment, the COT landing page displays links and descriptions to the seven reports that comprise the Commitments of Traders.
  • Legacy Futures Only
  • Legacy Futures and Options Combined
  • Disaggregated Only
  • Disaggregated Futures and Options Combined
  • Traders in Financial Futures (TFF) Futures Only
  • Traders in Financial Futures (TFF) Futures and Options Combined
  • Supplemental Report

Click on a report title.  The selected report landing page appears displaying the latest COT data in ascending order, with multiple data-selection filters within the data grid columns.    
Selecting Report Date
In the Filters banner, you may apply the “Report_Date_as_YYYY_MM_DD” dropdown filter to select a date range or a relative date (e.g., Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, This Quarter; This Year; or custom date period). Report data may also be filtered by report week using the “YYYY Report Week WW” dropdown. Click the Apply button within each date parameter column to apply and refresh the filtered report data for your query.
Selecting Contract Market
In the Filters banner,  you may apply the “Commodity_Group_Name” dropdown to filter within the three asset classes: Agricultural, Financial, and Natural Resources. Selecting an asset class may return thousands of rows of data depending on the report dates specified. Applying additional commodity asset filters will narrow the rows of data that will be returned by your query. Each asset class can be filtered in granularity by: Commodity_Group_Name, Commodity_Subgroup_Name, Commodity_Name, and Contract_Market_Name. Selecting multiple values within an asset class or subgroup will further refine data results. Click the Apply button within each commodity asset column filter to apply and refresh the report data for your query.    
For example, the below image shows the following filters selected:
  • YYYY Report Week WW:  2022 Report Week 39
  • Commodity_Group_Name:  2 selected (Agricultural; Natural Resources)
  • Commodity_Subgroup_Name:  2 selected (Grains; Natural Gas and Products)
  • Commodity_Name:  3 selected (Wheat; Corn; Natural Gas)
  • Contract_Market_Name:  Wheat_SRW; Nat Gas NYME; values to be applied
Exporting Downloaded Data
Once your queried data results have been returned, you may scroll through the table to view your customized report. Click the Export Data button ( ⤓ ) in the top right corner of the data grid to download data. CSV and CSV for Excel are the most common download formats. Data is also available in other formats, including: XML, RSS, RDF, CSV for Excel (Europe), and TSV for Excel.
Automated Program Interface (API)
You can also use an API to download COT data using a computer program.  Each report includes a link to instructions for using an API to retrieve the report data. Specific documentation with instructions for each report is available via a link on the report-specific page that opens when you select a particular report.

Additional Information
Please contact CFTC staff with questions, comments or suggestions at